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Last Update  4-1-19

Basic V8 Conversion Kit- 70-87 XJ6 and all 76-96 XJS


The Basic V8 Conversion Kit for these models is the heart of the conversion.  Included in this kit are the specially designed heavy gauge steel components (engine mount adaptors and transmission crossmember) needed to properly and securely mount the new Chevy engine/transmission package to the Jag chassis. These parts are the best Jaguar Chevy  V8 conversion mounts you will find anywhere- best engineered, best fitting, and best appearing. All of the mounts are  jig welded for perfect alignment every time, and they bolt into existing holes in the Jag chassis. There is no drilling or tapping required for installation. Additionally, no modifications are required for the Chevy engine or transmission (no oil pan bashing, etc.,., like some other suppliers do). Everything bolts in smoothly and accurately, and you are guaranteed the correct alignment (called “phasing”) with the Jaguar differential. This alignment is critical for a smooth running conversion that is free of excessive vibration and driveline wear.

  A detailed conversion manual is included with each basic conversion kit. This manual walks you through the different steps of the conversion,  covering everything  from the basic details of how to get the engine and transmission mounted and shifter hooked up, to basic wiring, and even down the tiny details of how to properly calibrate the speedometer.  As mentioned earlier, Jaguar Specialties V8 conversions use mostly standard off-the-shelf GM-style parts, and the conversion manual includes a list of these components by manufacturer and part number.  These are all readily available at your local auto parts store, and are very inexpensive.  The key components on this are items like: rubber engine and transmission isolators, senders for the oil pressure and water temperature gauges (compatible with the Chevy engine), radiator (common, inexpensive, GM-based units that usually carry a lifetime warranty), radiator hoses, heater valve, and other small miscellaneous parts.


Options for the Basic V8 Kit (to be selected as needed):

Transmission Rear Mount Adaptor- Due to the wide variety (and size) of Chevy transmissions, some units require a rear mount adaptor to correctly interface with the rear crossmember provided in the basic kit. A rear mount adaptor is required for the T350 T700R4, 4L60, or 4L60E; it is not required for the T400 or T2004R.

Shifter Package- To properly operate the new Chevy transmission with the original Jaguar shifter, several special components are required. In all applications, the standard Jaguar shifter and shifter cable is retained, and a new shift cable mounting bracket (on  the transmission end) and a new shift lever (on the transmission itself) are available. These pieces all bolt on, and the conversions manual contains specific instructions on how to properly install and adjust the shifter mechanism. Different kits are available for T350, T700R4/4L60/4L60E, T400 or T2004R

Special Notes- Basic Conversion Kit for LS1 LS2 LSx and all other LS-based engines- Due the completely different design of these engines, different conversion kit parts were required. These kits were designed around the any LS-based engine and (only) the 4L60E transmission. Unlike our other kits for the earlier Chevy V8 engines (carb, TPI, TBI, and LT1), the transmission mount adaptor and shifter package are included in the LSx Basic V8 Conversion Kit.