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Last Update  4-1-19

Power Steering Hose Sets

 For the Jaguar Chevy  V8 conversions, special power steering hoses are required that mate the Chevy power steering pump to the Jaguar power steering rack and pinion. We offer several different sets of custom made hoses for the different Chevy-Jaguar applications,  all designed to work with a standard GM power steering pump on a standard GM accessory drive. Each set includes a properly sized pressure line, and a corresponding return line (2 hoses per car).  The pressure hoses all used the latest O-ring seal design on the pump end. These hose sets are designed for 70-87 XJ6 XJ12 XJ6C and XJ12C, and all 76-96 XJS models. These are not standard parts- they are all specially designed and manufactured to fit the various Jaguar Chevy applications. The install directly on the Jaguar steering rack and the GM/Chevy power steering pump. The different applications are as follows:

 1969-92 Chevy Carbureted, TBI, or TPI engines using V- belt or Serpentine accessory drive

 1993-1997 Chevy LT1 using Camaro LT1 or Caprice/Impala SS LT1 accessory drive

 1998-2008 LS1, LS2, LS-based V8ís using 1998-2002 Camaro LS1 accessory drive

Power Steering Hose Notes: For owners of 70-77 XJ6 models, it is probably worthwhile  to switch your steering rack to the later short tower design while doing your V8 conversion. The later rack is a more reliable design and is easier to get parts for, and has a better steering ratio as well. Our power steering hose sets are designed to work with the later rack designs as well. For more info on this, please contact us. 

Pictured below is a typical power steering hose set- this one is for the LT1 engine, but the other types (Carb/TBI/TPI or LS1) are similar (varying hose lengths and end fitting designs).. The pressure line is on the outside and return in the center . The close-up shot is of the O-ring style fitting for the power steering pump end of the high pressure hose as mentioned above.


Please see the "V8 Conversion Price List" page for current pricing on these various components