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Last Update 8-20-23
The moment of truth- will it fit ????



Part 3 - The new drivetrain finally is ready to install and...(below)     Go on to Part 4- Wiring and more (Click Here)

(This is the third in a series of articles on installing the later Gen4 LS engine packages in our Jaguar cars. Check back from time to time for an update)

So in Part 2 we went through some of the special steps getting the G8 drivetrain ready for the Jag. One area that was something of a nail biter was the transmission. So this is a 6L80E unit, a 6 speed automatic with many advanced features (including a controller actually inside the  transmission case itself). Our previous experience with LS conversions into most of the Jag models we cover was using the (smaller) 4L60E or 4L65E ( 4 speed auto overdrive) transmissions. The 6L80E with its extra 2 gears is a much more bulky unit, although it seemed most of the extra size projects downward rather than to the sides. Additionally, the XK8 was originally designed to use the ZF5HP24 (5 speed auto overdrive) transmission, the size of which is actually not entirely different than the 6L80E. So I was cautiously optimistic that the G8 drivetrain would fit, but the proof is in the pudding, or in this case at the end of the cherry picker.....

With the right tools you can save a lot of time and effort and in this case my engine load leveler used with the cherry picker was heaven. The load leveler can adjust the engine/transmission package to be tilted at steep angles which allows for easier installation into tight engine compartments. In the pics below you can see the drivetrain going into the car as a package with the hood still on. Loading it not from the front but from the side (over the right fender) and at a steep angle lets the package just slip right in. Amazing and actually not that difficult (I did  it on my own....)



So how does it fit?? Surprisingly well, to be honest. As I guessed, the extra bulk of the transmission did indeed project downward and there is just enough clearance on top of the trans case to clear the tunnel (I can reach my fingers in up there on top). On the engine end, this was a no brainer- with the correct oil pan the LS fit just like all of the other XK-LS conversions. Due to the newer front accessory drive that stays closer to the the front of the engine, there is slightly more room between the engine and the fans/radiator. Here are a few pics of the drivetrain a little later in the build, both secured in place.


One other interesting note has to do with the driveshaft, or more specifically what will be different about this driveshaft compared to other Jag conversions we've done. The modern transmissions used in cars with IRS (where the differential is fixed in the chassis) are set up to use rubber couplings rather than  U-jointed flanges. Here is a pic of the transmission output shaft and you can see what I mean- that 3 bolt flange takes a matching rubber coupling. There is no way to use a traditional slide in front driveshaft yolk. We'll get to the solution to that issue later....


That's it for this update. In the next installment we'll start looking at the ECM and wiring,

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